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CBD Fusion’s “Med Shots” combines our Full Spectrum CBD paired with an Virgin Avocado Oil, a rapidly digested carrier oil. Avocado Oil oil is easily metabolized by the body, and the healthy fats are reported to encourage the use of fat for energy. Numerous studies suggest that Avocado Oil fats may help support a healthy body composition, as well as enhanced brain health. Combined with our Full Spectrum CBD, Med Shots are a perfect addition to an active lifestyle.

This natural, health-promoting product has a mild hemp flavor. Avocado Oil may be used under the tongue, or added to cold foods like salads, soups, smoothies, or other recipes. Do not use in cooking.

This product is not designed to be used in a vaporizer.

Lab Reports

CBD Med Shots - Avocado CBD Tincture by CBD Fusion 600mg Lab Report
CBD Med Shots - Avocado CBD Tincture by CBD Fusion 1200mg Lab Report

CBD Fusion - CBD Tincture - Avocado CBD Med Shots - 600mg-2400mg

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