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Pregnancy is a Process

We inspire and offer support to families who have experienced a premature birth by coaching them through their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) journey and and beyond.



Kheri Monks

Hello!  My name is Kheri Monks.  I have over 5 years experience of being a micropreemie mom advocate.  I am a wife to Justin, a mom of 3 preemies (Gem, Jax, and Jon) and bonus sons (Jayden & Thomas). The Preemie Mom Coach was organically created from over 5 years of personal experiences.

Sharing our journey on Instagram, join us


The Preemie Mom Coach provides an array of quality services to families affected by the NICU and to women who are pregnant and want to get pregnant. The service population is not limited to NICU families, but we will have a focus on improving birth outcomes for minority women and their babies.



Through coaching, we provide hope, comfort and support to families affected by premature
birth and will give them tips on items such as common things that NICU parents may experience.


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Public Speaking

We empower parents by showing them how to be an advocate and a voice for their babies in the NICU so they can have the best possible experience.


Are you looking for information to help your understanding and knowledge? We have a podcasts, videos and other resources for you.

What others are saying about

The Preemie Mom Coach

I’m a mom of a 28 week baby boy! He was actually due yesterday September 8! I’m so thankful I found your page and to see your babies thriving when they were born so early. It gives me so much HOPE for my sweet baby boy. I see you breastfeed your babies and was wondering did/do you add formula when you got home from the NICU?

Just thought you should know your instagram has been very encouraging to me, I came across it the morning after having my daughter at 28 weeks.This NICU journey is very hard and stressful, but seeing your daughter was inspiring and made me feel a lot better. My daughter is going to be 4 weeks tomorrow and she’s doing so well! I’m just ready for her to be home with me. I know there’s light at the end of the tunnel thanks to you though. Thanks for sharing your story!

I just want to say that you and your family are such an inspiration! I started following you shortly after I had my son at 26 weeks. The chownchat even is incredible and I’m so proud of you all for doing it! It’s necessary in our community! I’d like to do something like that here in Chicago. Do you have any tips on how you all created such a successful event?

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