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A Grandmother's Thoughts After Enduring 2 NICU Journeys

Grandma, daughter, granddaughter
3 Generations Family Pic. Kheri was pregnant with Jax

I am the mother of Kheri and grandmother of Gem and Jax. I would like to give my perspective from a mother and grandmother of a micro-preemie baby.

Nothing could have prepared me for the news I received. My daughter was rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome (hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelet count). It is usually related to pre-eclampsia. This disease came on her suddenly. Fear was my first reaction. I sat in a waiting room not knowing if my daughter or grandchild would survive an emergency C-section. It was a life or death situation. I was not ready for this encounter. I had to call on God to provide healing and protection. A few hours later, I was happy to hear of the birth of my beautiful grandchild. My daughter was in the intensive care unit and my grandchild was in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). My concerns were now divided among my daughter as well as my grandchild. I had to exemplify a pillar of strength for my daughter even though I was quite afraid. As time passed my daughter got better, still I worried because Kheri gave birth at 29 weeks and my grandchild weigh only 1lb 11oz. This ordeal, I just did not see. I felt as if I was experiencing a nightmare, very frightening at times and difficult to endure. However, I realized that my grandchild was a soldier. She exhibits courage, strength and a strong willingness to survive in the midst of everything she had to endure; a feeding tube, respiratory, oxygen treatment, a heart monitor device and even surgery. Gem was determined to make her mark up on this earth. This child, with her vigorous demeanor, reassured me that I had no reason to be fearful. She taught me to be brave. I watched my grandchild get strong and stronger with each passing day. It is never easy to witness someone you care about go through troubling times, but know that there are other outlets you can channel to help you overcome obstacles. My grandchild is Gem Monks. She showed me miracles do happen. Gem is our Miracle Baby!

Grandma, grandson, nicu, premature, mother
Grandma visits grandson in the NICU after the Baby Shower

Then, 3 years later I had to endure another ordeal with my daughter giving birth at 31 weeks to a handsome son weighing 3lbs 6oz. Another journey for mother and baby in high risk unit & NICU. This time was less stressful for me. Even though he experienced some of the same issues as the first delivery, I was more relaxed and knowledgeable of what to expect. Both babies had jaundice and required a range of respiratory machines. But like the first baby, Jax was a trooper too. Today, I have two warriors who are resilient. My grandbabies faced adversity and won!

grandparents, preemies, christmas
Grandparents with preemies on Christmas

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